Hey Trevy here,

This year we will be performing a play called Cinders, it is based on Cinderella but it’s kind of funny! Cinderella is based on a classical French fairytale written by Perrult in the fist half of the 18th century it was then turned into a opera in 1817 by Rossini.

We had to create a few new characters because there wasn’t enough parts in the play for everyone. Here are most of the characters.

Narrators—– Trevy (thats me!) and Millie

Cinders—– Erin.G

Buttons—– Seb

Prince—– Ryan


Shifter—– Wylan

Shifters assistants—– Kellie, Jassy and Hannah. P

Cruel Stepsisters—– Rachael and Emily

Granny—– Charlotte. M

Lord Gripington—– Nick

Fairy Godmother—– Olivia

King—– Connor

Queen—– Erin. H

Aunt Gertrude—– Hannah. F

Announcer—– Alex

Ladies in waiting—– Chelsea, Amelia and Hayley

Wishy and Washy—– Sira and Victoria

Bodyguards—– Charlotte. T, Jackson, Hamish

Paper sellers—– Tori and Zoe

Millie and I (the narrators) are going to wear a plain dress so we don’t stand out.

We have started to practice the plays and we are going to do a costume rehearsal this Friday.

I will keep you updated as much as possible before we perform. (And after). Continue reading

Ho Hi Ho Hi

Hey there.

You obviously know the song from snow white and the seven dwarves the one that the seven dwarves sing.

Hi Ho Hi Ho
its off tho work we go!

Well I made up another one……..

Ho Hi Ho Hi
space piggies fly!

Please leave a comment on what you think about my little song….

Bye for now

Check Out My Persuasive Text

This term in my class, everyone had to write a piece of persuasive writing. Pam (my teacher) wrote about 10 topics to write about. eg. All students in year 6/7 should have an ipad, everyone should recycle etc. I chose to do “animals Shouldn”t be kept in zoos”. So please read, and please leave a comment!


Animals should not be kept in zoos as I think there is no reason whatsoever why these beautiful and brave creatures, great and small, should be forced into cages and small enclosures, which many people would consider to be cruel and unjust. 

 It is cruel to keep these defenceless, scared and fascinating animals in zoos, for instance, they could become domesticated and they wouldn’t behave how they should in the wild, which completely defeats the purpose of visiting zoos.  Wouldn’t you rather observe animals in their natural habitat?

 Moreover, in some zoos animals are treated terribly and are forced into damp, dark and dingy enclosures or even cages.  How would you like to live in a cage?  In one zoo in China there was a large hole in the ground where dead animals were dumped there.  Astonishingly, 11 of the animals found dead were tigers, which are an endangered species.  This shows how terribly the animals are treated. When animals die in zoos, by law they must be cremated. At that zoo they clearly weren’t.  What would your reaction be if you saw all those dead animals? 

 Although zoo enclosures are small and shabby, animals are still forced into them.  For example, elephants are used to travelling many miles each day, whilst they are in a zoo they can’t.  Unfortunately elephants don’t live for anywhere near as long as they do in the wild.  In captivity elephants live for only 16 or 17 years, whereas in the wild they can roam the earth freely and live for over 70 years.  How would you feel if you didn’t get to experience life to the full?

 I believe that I have given you enough information to prove that animals should not be kept in zoos.

Inanimate Alice

Hey guys!

At school in literacy our class has been watching episodes of Inanimate Alice. So far we have seen 3 episodes. At the moment there’s 4 episodes but, they are planning to bring out 10 episode. Its about a girl who’s called Alice (obviously) and somehow her family is always getting into trouble and she always moves countries.

My favourite episode is the third one but the annoying thing is The ending is very confusing.

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

(leave comment if link is broken please)

We have done some activities on inanimate Alice. One activity we had to was we had to write down some questions about the first episode, like; Who is Brad? What is Baxi? What is a player? How and why can the sky Hum? Why is Alice home schooled? Then we went through all the questions as a class.

You can also see inanimate Alice on our class blog.

I enjoyed inanimate Alice because it felt like you were there with them. I think that you should watch it and see it for yourself.

The Royal Adelaide Show

the show trevThe 3rd to the 11th of September this year are very important days, because these are the days that the Royal Adelaide Show is on.

The people that are going to the Show (including me) are extremely exited. I’m not quite 100% sure on what showbags I’m going to get. I’ll probobly get Girlfriend magazine showbag ($18), Supre showbag ($17) and one or two lolly bags.

This is whats in the girlfriend magazine showbag valued at $120.20………

1 Girlfriend Magazine (current issue)
1 Girlfriend Magazine (back issue)
1 Funky Barrel Bag (choice of two patterns)
1 Cosmetic Bag (choice of two colours)
1 Designer Brands Kohl Pencil for Eyes
1 Designer Brands $10 Discount Offer
1 Carmex(r) lip balm Click Stick(TM) with SPF 15
1 Clean & Clear Foaming Cleanser
1 Clean & Clear Oil Free Toner
1 Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
1 Waxaway Hair Removal Wax Strip
1 Sour Wacky Caps
1 Trolli Brite Crawlers
1 Zappo Drop
1 Video Ezy Rent One Get One Free voucher
1 AMF Bowling 2 for 1 Voucher Offer
1 Valleygirl Clothing Discount Voucher
1 Intencity Free Game Pass
1 Boost Juice Discount Voucher
   This is what is in the Supre show bag valued at $18.65…..

Quantity Contents
1 CHOICE of SUPRE Denim Sling Bag OR SUPRE Beach Bag
1 SUPRE Cosmetic Bag (choice of two colours)
1 Funky Cuffed Bangle (choice of two colours)
1 SUPRE Braided Headband (Choice of two colours)
1 SUPRE Chunky Ring
1 SUPRE Discount Offer
1 Home & Away Collector’s Edition Magazine
1 Clairol Herbal Essences(TM) Long Term Relationship Hair Conditioner
1 Clean & Clear Foaming Cleanser
1 Clean & Clear Oil Free Toner
1 Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
1 Carmex(r) Lip Balm Click Stick(TM) with SPF 15
1 Aeroplane(r) Natural Colours & Flavours 25% reduced sugar Jelly Crystal
1 AMF Bowling 2 for 1 Voucher Offer
1 Intencity Free Game Pass
1 Boost Juice Discount Offer
1 Libra Girl Free Sample Kit Offer
1 Impressions Studio Photography Offer
1 SUPRE Style Guide


I’m either going to get the Rip Snortler Super Brain blasters bag ($10)or the Jumbo Ghost-drops showbag (also $10).

This is whats in the Rip Snortler Super Brain blasters bag valued at $23.50………..

Quantity Contents
1 120g Brain Blasters Drops
1 120g Brain Blasters Chews
1 30ml Wicked Liquid
2 30ml Sour Slime Liquid
6 10g Apple/Grape Brain Blaster Bar
6 10g Strawberry/Blue Raspberry Brain Blaster Bar
6 10g Apple/Strawberry Brain Blaster Bar
6 10g Blue Raspberry/Grape Brain Blaster Bar 
1 144g Brain Blaster Pops with Bubblegum
2 Rip Snorter Sludge Spray


This is whats in the Jumbo Ghost-drops showbag valued at $16.90……….

Quantity Contents
44 Ghost Drop Assorted Candy
8 Wizz Fizz Original Flavour
2 Eyeballzz Gummy Candy
1 Lick a Stick Triple Dipper
2 Blueberry Wacky Mega Sour Chews
2 Strawberry Wacky Mega Sour Chews
2 Grape Wacky Mega Sour Chews


If you want to you can leave a comment saying what showbag/showbags you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I went to the show on the Friday (2nd to last day of the show!). In the end I got the Girlfriend, Supre, Rip-Snortler and Mini Wizz Fizz showbags and i’mhappy with that choice.

I went on three rides ferris wheel, crazy-coaster and thunder bolt! First we went on the ferris wheel it was slow but they normaly go a bit slower. Then we went on the  crazy coaster it was really AWESOME! It felt like you were going to fall off the edge and the cart was spinning around really fast. Finally we went on the thunder bolt ride you sit in a cart spinning around really fast on its side, it was scary!

Please leave some comments thakyou bye!!!

 trev show





German Shepherds

 I have a German shepherd she is currently about 9 or 10.

Here are some fun facts about German Shepherds.


They are the 3rd most intelligent dog breed.



German Shepherd’s are the third most popular breed in the US.


The originated from Germany in 1899 and were brought to the US in 1907.


They are a working dog and are used as herders, as police dogs, and by the military.


A famous German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin made 26 movies.

Average size of a German Shepherd liter is 8 puppies.

Males: 24-26 inches, Females 22-24 inches. Weight: 60-110 pounds.

The Shepherd may want to chase small animals, cars, bikes, joggers and may be dog-aggressive. It is essential to train and socialize a Shepherd with people, other dogs and all household pets.

Children are okay providing no roughhousing or chase games are permitted. Young children should ALWAYS be with an adult and NEVER left unattended with ANY dog.

The color may be black, black and tan, red and black, golden with black tipped hairs or gray with black tipped hairs. Also, the German Sheperd dog may be all white.

Moderate. Daily exercise is mandatory! Obedience, Herding, Retrieving or Agility work will direct the Shepherd’s energy and build its confidence.

The German Sheperd dog has a medium length, course shedding coat with a soft undercoat, which needs to be brushed daily.

The fine nose can sniff out drugs and intruders, and can alert handlers to the presence of underground mines in time to avoid detonation, or gas leaks in a pipes buried 15 feet underground. The German Shepherd is also a popular show and family companion.  

They have a high learning ability. German Shepherds love to be close to their families, but they are very wary of strangers. This breed needs his people and should not be left isolated for long periods of time.

They only bark when it is necessary.

A house with a secluded fenced yard is essential (at least 6 feet). The owner of a German Shepherd should be a strong, confident, emotionally secure leader who desires a smart, protective, athletic dog.

They must be firmly trained in obedience from an early age.

 They Can live up to 13 years or more.

German Shepherd,
(Deutscher Schaferhund)

The German Shepherd Dog is also known as the Alsatian. It is handsome, well proportioned and very strong.

The eyes are almond-shaped, never protruding, dark, with a lively, intelligent expression. Its bushy tail reaches almost to its hocks and hangs down when the dog is at rest. Its front legs and shoulders are muscular; its thighs thick and sturdy. It has round feet with very hard soles. There are three varieties of the German Shepherd: rough-coated, long rough-coated, and the long-haired.

Known for their tremendous loyalty and courage. Calmly confident, but not hostile. Serious and almost human in his intelligence.

It is extremely important to purchase your German Shepherd from a reputable breeder not a pet shop.